Workforce Temperature Monitoring

Female healthcare worker checking temperature at patient with infrared tool.

Increase Of Risk

If your company continues to operate, your product / service and staff are found to be essential and your work overload is likely to be high. It is therefore important to protect the employees against COVID-19 and, indeed, against one another. One person with a virus can have an immediate exponential exposure effect on your workers and shut down your business.

We Provide Onsite Temperature Screening For Your Staff

At the beginning of each change, our health professionals conduct non-contact  scans, keeping the process fast and efficient. If the average temp of the employee surpasses the CDC guideline, individuals will be directed to follow the instructions defined in advance with oneself.

We Provide Support With The Technology

Technology-based temperature inspection options, such as kiosks and thermal scanning image sensors, often indicate a secondary screen option for flagged staff members. We provide healthcare professionals who monitor your equipment, conduct non-contact scans and provide guidance as required within the process.

Preventive Health Now provides:

-Design of guidelines and management of programs 

-Non-contact temperature thermometers 

-Providing onsite healthcare professionals at each shift change 

-The incentive to quickly distance at-risk workers from the employer in the specific area

-Sporadic temp audits throughout shift changes of employees.

We provide temperature check on-site, with fully equipped nursing teams for screening of your employees and other staff members.

PHN Also Provides Wellness Support

As an option, when on-site, our healthcare experts will answer employee questions and provide assistance. Most significantly, they will provide early diagnosis support to any employee with pain or muscle sprains and strains to hold them away from the Emergency Room, Urgent Care, or the doctor’s office. 

Our Network Goes Across The Nation

Preventive Health Now has a national network of healthcare professionals ready to support the community in this situation of distress. We can coordinate services for one or more locations across the country. That means no matter where your business is located, we can help you protect your people.