An investment in your employee’s health is an investment in the growth and sustainability of your company! Studies show that when employees improve their health, employers have fewer medical and disability claims, fewer absentees, and greater productivity.

PHN works with companies to create customized wellness programs to promote a healthier workforce. Whether you are looking for a large, comprehensive program or just to fill-in some gaps in your current program, we will work with you to create a sustainable, cost-effective solution.

Wellness Workshops
  • Interactive workshops focusing on the basics of biometrics, what the results mean and simple, practical tips to improve.
Healthy Eating Seminars
  • Interactive workshops and demonstrations focusing on how to improve your biometrics through diet.
Weight Loss Class
  • Provide employees a variety of on-site weight loss classes (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly).
Corporate Fitness Class
  • Provide employees a variety of on-site fitness classes (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly).
  • Implement a 6-week fitness challenge.
Health Coaching
  • Three-month coaching program for high-risk employees (those with 3 or more health risks)
    Employee can choose online or phone option.
  • Coaching includes programs related to physical activity, nutrition, weight management, stress management, and smoking cessation.
One on One Individual Health Assesment/Strategy
  • Results review, symptom survey and specific lifestyle recommendations.

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