Our nationwide on-site health screening events are a great opportunity to provide your employees with critical health information and education that can help lead them to a healthier lifestyle. They also provide you with important information about the health of your employees, which can be used to develop a more effective wellness strategy and to measure how well your current wellness strategy is working.

Health screens are administered by trained medical examiners, and the privacy of each employee is protected.

  • Customizable screenings, including lipid/glucose (blood draw or finger-stick), full chemistry panels and complete blood count (CBC), thyroid, PSA, and more
  • Blood pressure, pulse, height, weight,  body mass index (BMI) calculation
  • Employee result reports sent confidentially to employees along with health risk analysis, lab test summary, and education materials tailored to their specific health risks
  • Employer result reports with aggregate data from participant results, as well as comparisons to national data and employee population health risk analysis

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