PHN’s Motivator Imprint is a tool to help employees explore their behaviors and make changes to enhance their overall wellbeing. It uncovers the unconscious motivators behind behavior, and provides a detailed description of the “why” behind behavior.

How does it work for employees?
  • Employees take a Motivator Imprint Assessment and Self-Behavior Survey and receive a personal Motivator Imprint report.
  • Employees then watch a video to learn what their Motivator Imprint means and learn actionable items that can be used to enhance well-being and diminish negative traits.
  • Employees can attend a quarterly seminar to further learn how to use their results to improve their well-being.
  • Employees can take a six-month follow-up survey to assess their progress. After one year, employees can have up to five peers take an assessment about them to help determine their progress.
How does it work for organizations?
  •  Organizations receive communication pieces for their employees, including template emails.
  • Organizations have access to aggregate reporting with comparison data.
  • Training is available for an organization’s wellness team on how to coach the different elements of the Motivator Imprint.
How Does the Motivator Imprint Improve Wellness?
  • The Motivator Imprint improves your employees physical, mental and spiritual wellness
  • The Motivator Imprint assessment uncovers a person’s deeply held core motivations. If these are not being satisfied, the impact it has on one’s physical health can be dramatic.
  • The Motivator Imprint assessment also helps to increase the frequency of the more healthy and productive alternative to Shadow behavior, called Best Self behavior. Understanding the WHY behind one’s behaviors and actions creates the foundation to respond to life and its curve balls in a healthier way.
  • It sets the stage for maintaining calm rather than stress, for taking measured actions rather than overreacting and maintaining a level of emotional and psychological balance.
  • Spiritual well-being, the sense of peace and comfort that comes from being in spiritual balance and the feeling of connectivity to a source greater than one’s self, is nurtured through one’s Imprint.

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