We help companies of all sizes create a healthier workforce through a variety of programs. Our services include on-site health screenings, customized health risk assessments, behavioral assesments, incentives tracking, flu shot clinics and more!

Let us help you reduce health care costs, improve the health of your employees, reduce absenteeism, and create a healthy culture at your workplace.

Wellness Solutions

We offer a variety of wellness solutions to support your organization

On-site Health Screenings

A variety of personalized health screenings.
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Incentives Tracking

Manages wellness incentives and communicates programs.
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Behavioral Assessment

Helps employees explore their behaviors and make changes to enhance their overall wellbeing.
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Health Risk Assessments

Assesses an employee’s health status, estimates their level of health risk, and provides a “wellness number” and individualized feedback to motivate behavior.
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Flu Shot Clinics

Seamless flu shot events for companies, including all event planning, management and marketing.
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Other Programs

Wellness Workshops, Health Eating Seminars, Corporate Fitness Classes, Weight Loss Classes, Health Coaching and One on One Assessment/Strategy.
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